An evil herodian organization called PSOL has landed on novus planet ! 

Lead by Jean Wyllys with an army of effeminate elves and tinder attwhores, they intend to end the three race war and conquer the whole sector, while enforcing gayzism, inverted social justice and deporting everyone in their way to hello kitty online !


*  6 new PBS, both in the classic maps and in the devil square.

*  4 new BDs to fight PSOL agents.

*   Devil Square, with safezone, new mobs, pbs, sounds and automated events.

*   100+ New Sounds, Music and atmosphere, enhancing the game.

*   PSOL agents have infiltrated the three races to spread their perverted culture, they converted the npcs to their social justice warrior cause and sell their black market trinkets though them !  They also took over the war academies to make everyone scream like them when fighting!

Jean Wyllys (PSOL MASTER)

Jean Wyllys is the evil master of the PSOL organization (a dirty hive of effeminate elves and tinder thots, intending to bring socialism, gayzism and ruin to everyone while legalizing robberies and drug use! ). As the biggest menace in novus planet and one of the hardest bosses in the game to beat, you won't have an easy time with him, so bring your whole guild, the reward may be worthwhile.

HP: 3.000.000

Attack: 210 k  + Napalm Spell + Heal + Meteor

20% Block rate (Gay Aura)

New Sounds

Respawn : 12 Hours (DEVIL SQUARE)

Vegan Tinder Whore (Pitboss)

She is vegan, hooks up everyday with random guys from tinder while calling all men patriarchist sexist pigs and is deeply a facebook activist trying to enforce her world views on everyone.

( which is: be vegan, be a whore, fight for equality and socialism using twitter for iphone and remember: calling trump an orange = world peace and no more genocide )

With this noble cause, she has conquered elan for herself after the PSOL invasion and now enforces tumblr social justice on all the turncoats in novus planet.

HP: 2.000.000

Attack: 105k

Respawn: 24 hours

Soviet Lizard King (PB)

Lizards of the world, unite !

All lizards are equal ! It just happens that some are more than others, and the lizard king is the the equalist of them all ! 

He has left PSOL to form his own soviet socialist lizard republic in beast mountain leading the lizard communist party.

HP: 350.000

Respawn: 6h


As a PSOL member, this baba understands that being fat is not only better, but what everyone should be, which means skinny people are evil and therefore must die. He likes to listen megan trainor and watch preta gil seminaries while killing skinny people for being fascist fat haters and fashion industry tirants.

HP: 200.000

Respawn: 4 hours

Gretchen (PB)

 As an ancient cthulhu priestess, she is old, decrept, crooked and out of date, yet always keep coming back even though no one cares about her. She isnt really a menace anymore, but will always try to get your attention even though you don't want it, nobody really does.

HP: 350K

Respawn: 1 hour