Devil Square

The devil square is the PSOL organization headquarters in novus planet and also the main hub of the game, with events, new monsters, pbs, lots of resources and PVP !

In the devil shop, you can get some of the best items in the game ! And also, there is a safe zone there in case you too scared to fight against other races ! Not cheap though, so go farm first.

Farm talics in the ancient holy crystals ! However, remember Tisorin will protect them ! He is an annoying miniboss with 90% block rate, but at least good rewards  ! Remember, even if he is defeated, you are definetly NOT SAFE against other races !

Respawn = 6h

You will also find jewelery cubes and an overweight choty in the devil square ! You can get elementals from him, remember he will fiercely protect them ! ( even though he is quite weak ).

Respawn cubes = 1,2,3,4,5,6 hours (one each)

Respawn chooty = 30 minutes

You will also find two hardass pbs in this place, so be carefull and call your whole race to fight!